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5 Summer Survival Tips for Work-from-Home Parents

“School’s out for summer…”

Depending on your generation, you may or may not have read/sang those words a la Alice Cooper. But either way, the kids are officially on summer break and if you work from home, you may understandably feel a mix of joy and dread.

We get it. To help you out, check out these five tips for surviving - and maybe even thriving! -this summer.

#1 Revisit Your Expectations - Both Personally and Professionally.

When school is in session and you have the house to yourself, there’s less activity, less noise, fewer snacks, less clutter. But the return of full-time occupancy means things may have to look a little different around your home.

So make peace from the start. What are your non-negotiables when it comes to the housekeeping? Screen time? Snack consumption?

Where can you give a little wiggle room to ensure both content kids and your own sanity?

#2 Establish a Schedule

While we want our kids to enjoy the lazy days of summer, a little structure never hurt anyone. A realistic wake up time means a more manageable bed time. Set times for crafts, meals, outings, screens, etc. can help limit the endless stream of daily questions.

And that goes for your work as well.

Establish “office hours" when you are absolutely not available - barring the absence of blood or fire, of course - and make sure the kids know what their responsibilities and options are during that time. Knowing you have a set amount of quiet, uninterrupted work time will boost your productivity. The Pomodoro technique may be especially helpful as well!

#3 Hire a Babysitter

Even if you can’t afford a sitter all day every day, bringing someone in to entertain the littles for even a few hours may give you the space to accomplish your work tasks. And bonus points if they’re willing to wash a sink load of dishes or pick up around the house a bit.

#4 Set Up a Snack and Drink Station

Kids are hungry and thirsty ALL THE TIME. Have a snack and drink station available with plenty of options for your kids. Ensure easy access and clean up so they can be self-sufficient.

This is just another step in avoiding interruptions, and it gives your kids a boost of autonomy.

#5 Relocate for a Change of Scenery

One of the benefits of remote work is the ability to work from anywhere. So load up the laptop and take the kids to a park for a few hours. Meet up with another family who can keep an eye out as your kids play and you knock out some work.

Besides, being outdoors is great for mental and physical health as well. It’s a win-win!

Of course, one fantastic option to change the scenery and boost your summertime productivity while the kids are home is to work from the HUB 127 coworking space.

With flexible, affordable membership options, the HUB 127 is easy on the budget and sure to help you accomplish those work tasks in record time. As an added bonus, you’ll get to spend time around other working adults and we’re free from cartoon theme songs!


Summers have the potential to be magical, but there’s still work to be done. Give these tips a try and you’re sure to have both fun in the sun with your kiddos and a happy boss at work.

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