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Our Origin Story

The dream for the HUB 127 began more than a decade ago when Gibson County Economic Development Corporation acquired the historic building at 127 N. Hart St. Built in 1894, this location has served various purposes, survived two downtown fires, undergone several renovations, and is remembered most by local residents as the GC Murphy 5 & 10 Store.

The Stellar Grant awarded to the city of Princeton in 2012 funded façade renovations, as the building housed several offices and a board room. But it wasn't until 2017, under the leadership of Tami Muckerheide (current GCEDC CEO) and Paul Walters (former GCEDC CEO) that the dream of a coworking space in Downtown Princeton really took shape.

The goal for the HUB 127 has always been to meet a need in the community. After visiting several coworking spaces in the state and inspired especially by Current Blend in Huntingburg, Indiana, Muckerheide, Walters, and the GCEDC board of directors knew this concept and location were the perfect fit for Gibson County. As Muckerheide puts it, once the decision was made to develop a coworking space, "things just fell in to place."

Jonathon Lamar of Lamar Architecture and Design refined the vision presented by Muckerheide and Walters in 2018, creating a clean, timeless design that highlights both the purpose and the history of the building. Thanks to funding from the Indiana Regional Cities Initiative, tax increment financing, and additional bank financing, the $500,000 project was completed in May 2019.

Today the HUB 127 is home to seven businesses and local non-profits as well as numerous remote workers who enjoy our open coworking space. Our boardroom and conference room are used regularly by local businesses and groups for meetings and trainings. We simply continue to grow each month, providing services to small businesses, freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, students, and creatives alike.

Check back soon as we explore the future for the HUB 127.

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