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Does Gibson County Really Need a Coworking Space?

The answer to that question is a resounding YES! Although coworking spaces first appeared in larger cities, more rural areas are catching on to the many benefits of such a space, especially one located in a downtown district. Read on for four reasons why the HUB 127 is a great asset to Gibson County.

1. Coworking spaces create a financial win-win both for members and local ec


A successful coworking space such as the HUB 127 provides a space for talented business people from multiple industries to work and connect. For remote workers and sole proprietors, HUB 127 membership is a smart financial move providing access to office amenities without the overhead of renting private office space. In addition, our downtown location puts members in the center of the action, making their talents available to clients and also driving their business into local restaurants and shops.

2. Coworking spaces can create community in an often isolating work environment.

Remote workers in rural areas often don't have a hub for connection with other like-minded people. Using a coworking space like the HUB 127 to meet other talented business people provides an opportunity to share resources and skills and ultimately build their business. When members are open to connection, the possibilities for growth are endless.

3. Coworking spaces add value to the county and attract workforce.

Many people appreciate living in a rural community for its low cost of living, beautiful greenspaces, and sense of community. However, rural areas are not often known as career centers. How many local residents commute to large areas for work? How often do our best and brightest students move away for higher education and choose not to return? The HUB 127 provides a centralized work location for small business owners, digital developers, freelancers, etc. and promotes local workforce development.

4. The HUB 127 specifically is a hidden gem for entrepreneurs.

With the addition of a space manager and in conjunction with Gibson County Economic Development, the HUB 127 is beginning to expand its amenities and services for entrepreneurs. Not only is the HUB 127 an incredible physical space for remote work, but we will soon expand the opportunities for learning, connection, and business development. In addition, our team is a great resource to answer questions regarding business start ups, funding sources, and development sites in Gibson County. Watch for upcoming classes and seminars with local business leaders as we expand the potential for economic development in Gibson County.

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