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Meet the Member: Kaleb Bolton

And the winner of the award for youngest HUB 127 member goes to Kaleb Bolton, a Leadership Pathway Resident at Bethany Christian Church. Though he may be young, he’s got plans for a big impact in the Princeton Community.

Born and raised in Lexington, KY, Kaleb and wife Grayson moved to the area in 2022 when Kaleb took the residency position with Bethany Christian Church. Kaleb now runs the children’s ministry and is working to build a youth ministry at the Princeton Campus as well.

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Like so many others in ministry, Kaleb initially resisted the call. Coming from a family of church planters, he was very familiar with the set-up and tear-down of new plants, the dynamics of small churches, and the financial sacrifices that full-time ministry leaders make in order to serve.

His own experience as a youth included homeschooling until 8th grade and then a private education at Lexington Christian Academy. Kaleb admits that school was never his passion, doing enough to get by, and after graduation he took a gap year, which led him to an internship in Washington state at a church plant with his former youth pastor. It seems ministry couldn’t be escaped.

That year of interning led Kaleb to enroll at Johnson University with the plan to get a youth ministry degree, but choosing ultimately to graduate in two years with an associate degree in Ministry Leadership. The current residency at Bethany is a continuation of those studies, preparing Kaleb to lead in multiple areas and advocate for the local church just as he does for Bethany:

We are a contemporary service but Bethany’s goal is always to teach and preach the bible and what it says.

Since moving to Princeton, Kaleb is settling in to married life as well as fatherhood. He sees Bethany as a good fit for his family, as Bethany’s Princeton campus is similar in size to his past church experiences and he loves both the location and the history in the church’s new home at the corner of Hart and Main Streets. And Princeton itself is a good fit, as well. Kaleb appreciates the small town feel with easy access to shopping, restaurants, and entertainment in Evansville, and he especially enjoys watching Princeton’s downtown square revitalize, meeting modern needs while still maintaining many of the town’s historic structures.

Membership at the HUB 127 as well as Bethany’s newly renovated location gives Kaleb a perfect view of all that’s happening downtown. He sees value in the community connections the HUB members make, which has provided opportunities to work closely with Downtown Princeton, Inc, connect with Gibson County CEO students, and even get to know one of his neighbors who also works at the HUB 127.

We’re crazy about Kaleb at the HUB 127. He’s always good for a laugh but also genuinely interested in his coworkers and their lives, and that’s what coworking community is all about.

If you’d like to learn more about Bethany Christian Church’s Princeton campus, be sure to visit their Facebook page or website, or feel free to stop by for a Sunday service at 9 a.m.

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