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Puppies, Girl Scout Cookies, & Coworking

If you have seen any of our recent social media posts, you've likely noticed the occasional shenanigans happening around the HUB 127. And coincidentally, if you don't follow our social media, what are you waiting for? You never know on any given day if a gaggle of puppies will pay a visit, or which Girl Scout cookies we'll be taste testing, or when we'll have a surprise giveaway to a local shop. And it's likely you assume that those have absolutely nothing to do with coworking.

You're absolutely correct. None of those impact a person's ability to get work done; however, they do greatly impact the culture and community in the coworking space. And that is incredibly important. You see, the HUB 127 truthfully doesn't offer anything that you couldn't find somewhere else. Can you get high-speed internet elsewhere? Yes. Could you meet with clients at another location? Absolutely. Can you find access to a printer/copy machine somewhere other than the HUB? You can. But if we've learned anything from the isolation we experienced during the pandemic shutdown, it's that human interaction matters. It matters for our health, for our productivity, and for our creativity.

That need for human interaction is why we purposely create community building into the daily life of the HUB 127. You'd be surprised how small talk over Thin Mints versus Lemonades can lead to networking and greater opportunities for coworkers. You'd be surprised how a 10-minute snuggle with a puppy can reset the creative juices and lead to greater productivity. It's this interaction that sets coworking apart from working from home or in a cubicle.

The HUB 127 is a space where members feel a sense of belonging and ownership. It's a place to interact with both like-minded and completely unlikely individuals. It's a place to get work done and to laugh a little in the process. It's a place to remember that we're made for human connection...and the unlimited coffee is just a perk.

And if you hung on until the end, may you be the first to know that the winner of the HUB 127 March Madness Girl Scout Cookie Edition is none other than the classic Thin Mint (sorry to all the Lemonades fans out there).

Be sure to connect with us on social media to be a part of all the

community building happening at the HUB 127.

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