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Meet the Team - Susan Carey

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Since August 2021, Susan has served as the GCEDC Administrative Assistant and Space Manager of the HUB 127. Bringing a fresh perspective and background in serving people of all ages and stages, Susan is leading the charge in updating the space and building the coworking community in Gibson County. Read on to learn more about Susan and her vision for the HUB 127.


Originally from Terre Haute, I moved to Princeton after graduating from Franklin College in 2000. I have a BA from Franklin in English/Secondary Education as well as an MA in Curriculum and Instruction from American College of Education. I spent the first 14 years of my professional life teaching sophomore and junior English at PCHS, as well as a four-year stint as the cheerleading coach. In 2014 I felt called into vocational ministry and spent the next seven years serving Hillside UMC as the Director of Family Ministries. While I still have a heart for ministry, especially ministry to parents, in 2021 I joined Gibson County Economic Development Corporation and am discovering a world of business and entrepreneurship that I knew nothing about.


I have been married to Patoka-native Alex for 19 years (in May) and we have two daughters - Kaitlyn (17) and Kendall (13). Next year we'll send Kaitlyn off to Indiana State University where she plans to study nursing, and Kendall will enter high school with many of my teacher friend who have known her since birth. Our family also includes two rescue dogs - Sam and Sadie; two cats - Tom and Hazel; and two leopard geckos - Rizzo and Gizmo. I'm also fortunate to have my dad close by in Newburgh, IN and we enjoy monthly Bobe's pizza nights.


We are a camping family, so for much of the late spring through late fall, you'll find us at a state campground going on hikes, playing lots of cards, and cozying up around the campfire. I am also an avid reader, often with three or four books going at the same time. I'm an aspirational gardener, although my enthusiasm usually wanes when the temperatures rise, and each winter I re-teach myself to crochet. One of these years I'll stick with it!

What do you love about the HUB 127?

When I started at GCEDC, I came in completely green. I even admitted in my interview that I had never even heard of Gibson County Economic Development nor the HUB 127. But true to my Enneagram 5 nature, I've been on a deep dive since August and through both research and mentoring from CEO Tami Muckerheide, I've come to appreciate what it takes to build economic growth in the county, and I've learned that coworking is an incredible resource and hidden gem. And with our location on the square, I get a front-row seat to a really exciting time for our county.

Operating the HUB 127 has been both a challenge and an absolute joy. I love serving people, so meeting the coworkers, hearing their stories, and discovering how the HUB can evolve to better serve the community is incredibly fulfilling. I've been able to tap into both analytical and creative parts of my personality as I look at everything from how the HUB is structured to how it's decorated to how we can promote community among the members. It feels like a perfect blend of my gifts. But truly what makes it the best are the people. I get to watch Hannah Whitehead and Downtown Princeton, Inc bring an incredible vibrancy to Downtown Princeton. I get to hear the campus team from Bethany Christian Church make plans for their new building on the square. I get to watch former confirmand Scott Ruesch interact professionally with clients at Calibre Computer Solutions. The coworkers inspire me every single day.

What is your dream for the HUB 127?

More than anything, I want everyone in Gibson County to know what a hidden gem they have here. My goal is grow our coworking membership by one new coworker each month, whether that is someone currently working from home who'd like a little change of perspective, a remote worker who travels regularly, a small business owner who just needs a space as a home base, or maybe even a blogger or podcaster who would benefit from the quiet in our conference room.

We're also looking at ways to make some space for creatives at the HUB, knowing that there are a lot of freelance artists of various forms who may not be able to afford studio space. As we explore the upstairs renovation, we're looking at how that area can be used to meet multiple needs in the community perhaps in unexpected ways. I'd love for the HUB to grow in its demographic, because I know that when we gather a greater variety of skill sets, that just allows for greater connections and networking. It's a win-win for the coworking space, for the members, and for the county.


You can connect with Susan on LinkedIn to learn more about the Gibson County Economic Development Corporation and be sure to visit the HUB 127 on Facebook and Instagram.

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