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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Remote Workers: Essential Picks for Productivity and Comfort

Gift-buying season is in full swing, but what do you buy for the remote worker in your life?

Take a look at our list and you’ll be the most popular gift-giver this year.

  1. Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port – One of the hallmarks of remote work is having to haul laptops, notebooks, and all the accessories. Remote workers need a lightweight, durable way to do that and a built in charging port is a bonus. We love the TSA approved MATEIN travel backpack for its durability and convenience. Throw in a portable charging bank as a stocking stuffer and your remote worker can work anytime from anywhere.

  1. Reusable Smart Notebook – For anyone who likes to take handwritten notes but doesn’t want to deal with multiple notebooks to organize, the Rocketbook Core Reusable Smart Notebook is a game changer. This smart technology with a modest price point incorporates the feel and experience of writing with pen and paper along with the convenience of converting to digital text. 

  1. Laptop Screen Extender – Working from a laptop all day typically means numerous tabs at the top of the screen. With a screen extender such as the Maxfree S1 14” Monitor Extender, your remote worker will find it easier to work on multiple documents, screen share, and organize information. 

a black gift bag covered in white Christmas trees

  1. Video Conference Lighting  – Help your remote worker look their best for Zoom meetings and streaming. Our pick is the Logitech for Creators LED Streaming Light. We love its 3-way monitor mount, easy customization, and small size for easy portability.

  1. Noise Canceling Headphones – Whether working from home, a coffee shop, or a coworking space, remote workers can’t always control the surrounding noise levels. Wireless noise canceling headphones are a must have not only for deep work but also during Zoom calls and online meetings. Noise canceling headphones come at a variety of price points, but we’re fans of the JBL Tune 660NC. The long-lasting battery and simple controls make these headphones a bargain.

  1. USB Desk Fan – In the same way that noise can be unpredictable, so can temperature. Ensure that your remote worker stays cool and focused with the Gaiatop USB Desk Fan. We appreciate its 3-speed control and quiet motor, as well as its bargain price.

  1. Keyboard Cleaning Kit – Let’s face it, laptops can get pretty germy. Encourage your remote worker to cut down the grime with this 10-in-1 Cleaning Kit. Not only does it provide durable tools to clean the keyboard, but also laptop screens and even earbuds. And we love the compact, portable design that easily and safely stores all the tools.

  1. Coffee Mug Warmer – Who wants to be interrupted in the middle of a deep work session to warm up the coffee? Pamper your remote worker with a coffee mug warmer and they’ll face fewer distractions and more productivity. For a real splurge, we love the Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2, but the Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer is also a great budget-friendly option.

Of course the ultimate gift for any remote worker is a membership to the HUB 127 Coworking & Meeting Space. We’ve got our members covered with plenty of charging options, reliable high speed internet, extra monitors, sound masking technology, conference rooms, and endless fresh Port Side coffee. Visit our website or schedule a tour today to see how the HUB 127 meets the needs of remote workers, freelancers, small business owners, non-profit directors, and digital nomads alike.

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